The Community History Project is a project of Immanuel Christian School in Winnipeg, Manitoba to gather the stories and wisdom of the older members of the supporting community and pass it on to the younger members.

Over the next several years we hope to build a site that will allow community members to share their history with other and the larger world. We hope to be able to show and to celebrate that God takes care of his people even when it seems that times are toughest.

This year our topic is World War II, and it's the Grade 9 class that has been gathering stories.

These are the people who agreed to share their stories.

Jacoba Kanis
Mr. Henry Versteeg
Annie Teitsma
Dennis Teitsma
Grace Wiersema
Hank and Ellie vanBeek
Mr. and Mrs. Toet
How We Came To Canada
Mindert and Trudy DeVries
Victor Schriemer
Jacob Kuik

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