Annie Teitsma

Annie (Van Der Zee) Teitsma


1. How old were you during the war?

2. Where did you live?
-South Holland, Netherlands

3.Did you have to move for any reason?
-No, she and her family were able to stay living where they were

4. What did you do during the war?
-She had to stand in line for food

5. How did your life change because of the war?
-She would never throw food away

6. What outstanding memories do you have from this time?
-Picked coal from the railroad and was shot at
-Her Dad was gone at the concentration camp
-She suffered from hunger

7. What do you think is important for young people to remember from this time?
-That a lot of people suffered from food, coldness, loss of life, etc.

8. What did you learn from this time
-To appreciate freedom and possessions

9. How did you see God’s faithfulness in this time?
-That through this all he saved his people from being killed.

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