Dennis Teitsma

My Grandpa, Mr. Doede Teitsma now called Dennis, lived in the World War II. He was about 8 years old when the war had started and by the time it ended he was about 12 years old. He lived in South Limburg, Netherlands and although there was a war going on he did not have to move to a different place during the war. He mainly went to school during the war times, and many of the Germans had been nice to kids and gave them candy and other sorts of things.
“The war is part of life.” He says which is basically how his life had changed. He had many memories because of the war. Some of such things like the memory of waking up from the loud sound of German bombers and other smaller planes coming from the horizon over top of his apartment building. He had lived in an area of town houses during that time. Some other memories he had were seeing V-1 flying bombs going overhead and blowing up buildings.
He says that many younger people should know that aggression over people is a bad thing, and that people shouldn’t rule over weaker people and make them slaves. He also states that political power is dangerous. The thing that he mainly learned from the war is that it is terrible when people have power over other people, and that you should appreciate your freedom and possessions.
God’s faithfulness was shown here because of the fact that the church was preserved by God and was not liberated from false doctrine.

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