Willem & Jacoba Kanis

WWII Willem Kanis

1. How old were you during the war? 14 years of age
2. Where did you live? In Tiel
3. Do you have to move for any reason? No, except for one night when we had to evacuate because there was an air raid.
4. How was your food proportioned? Everyone was given a kind of coupon for food, tobacco, footwear, clothing, etc.
5. Were you given cards for other things? Yes, everyone had to carry a “persoonsbewijs” which was an identification card.
6. How did your life change because of the war? My life was changed because we always had to be aware of the Germans and not to disrespect them. When they were around we were always stepping on glass.
7. How did you see God’s faithfulness in this time? During this time it was very difficult but in the end I was very thankful for God’s graciousness for my whole family.

Tiffany Kanis and Jolene Bergsma

Spencer Raap-Jacoba Kanis, nee- De Zoete`
What things did you do during the war?
she helped the Dutch hide from the German forces, this was very hard work because if the Germans caught you, you could get killed
Where did you live at that time?
Loosduinen, Netherlands. a suburb fro the Haag`
When were you born?
February 12, 1925
When you were having troubles, did you find trust in God?
yes, but because she was still young she did not understand anything about this
Was living difficult during the war?
Very difficult because so many people could be killed.
How old were you when the war started?
14 or 15
Did you see God’s providence during the war?
She was too young at the time to understand this
Did you have to move due to the war?
no, but from the bomb raids one of the houses on the property was blown up from a bomb
What do you think is important for young people to learn from the war?
to hate the war, to learn from the war, this means that if a believer died he/she would be taken to heaven, to show thanks that God would help anyone who really hated the war and showed faith that his providence would take over.

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