Mr Vanwoudenberg

1. How old was he during the war? 45.
2. Where did he live? He lived in Vleuten, Holland.
3. Did he have to move for any reason? No, but the had to move around.
4. What did he do during the war? He was a farmer, and he raised a family of 6 kids.
5. How did his life change during the war? His freedom was restricted, he harboured “refugees”.
6. What outstanding memories would he have from this time? People would be asking for food in the villages. These were people from places like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. He was hiding people who part of the resistance movement, he had to move them around. They were all sitting around the table, when the Germans came. His wife froze and turned white. He just told them to act normal. He knew he had to trick them, so he said, “What’s this?” He hollered at them, which made them knocked off. They asked for food, but they were told off and distracted. Nothing happened but they were still tensed. The Germans needed food and horses. They were going to take the neighbours’ horse, but the neighbour made them get VanWoudenberg’s horse, which was a fat, piggish one. Mr. V had a place where he could hide the horse, but he didn’t know he would have to. He told the Germans that it wasn’t any good. He told them it was pregnant, and without knowing she actually was. So the Germans left. There was an airfight around his house, and the behind the bench where he was previously sitting on, a bullet hole pierced the wall. So he just missed death.
7. What do you think is important for young people to remember from this time? Our freedom is very precious. It’s a blessing that we can now live in a time of plenty. There was a lot of suffering, families lost family members because of sickness.
8. What did you learn from this time? They learned that you have to trust in the protection of God, to appreciate your freedom. They learned real appreciation for food. Also they learned appreciation for access to different things.
9. How do you think he saw God’s faithfulness in this time? He brought them through, he answered the prayers of the people. Throughout this time he maintained care for his church.

Interview by: Eric Idle

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